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Person researching DIY project on a laptop

This video is exactly why we built ProHow. We were tired of spending countless hours, days, months researching online, trying to figure out how to do our home improvement projects. I’m a do-it-yourself and homeowner. I got tired of wandering the asiles at Home Depot, spending so much time on YouTube and still getting frustrated and stuck working on my project.

Dad in this video reminded me of myself. He spent a bunch of time researching. He wants to know exactly what to do from start to finish. All the materials, tools, everything. So what does he do? He ends up in a home hardware store just like I did. He ends up on YouTube just like I did.

ProHow gives you one-on-one video conversations with a tradesperson. You can talk to a plumber, an electrician, carpenter, whoever you want for a half hour video call. Get all of your questions answered.

Reach out to us. Whatever it is, we want to hear about your projects.

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