Quick DIY fixes to get ready for the holidays

Give your home a quick makeover before guests come over.

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Living room with a rug, coffee table, two sofas, and warm lighting

With the holidays quickly approaching, here are some quick fixes you can address around the house to make your home look more modern and feel cozier at the same time!

Upgrade door knobs with modern door handles

modern door handle

Easily gives a great first impression and reinforces the premium look and feel since it’s an element that visitors will physically interact with. Just remove the two screws holding your existing door knob in place, remove the four screws on the latch assemble and strike plate, and then reverse the order when installing the new knobs. [~3-5min per door]

Replace light switch and outlet covers with screwless plates

screw and screwless light switch

Create a more modern and minimalist look. This is especially impressive on accent walls since they help the switch/outlet blend into the wall with modern designs. This is as simple as removing the one or two screws holding the existing plate and either snapping on or screwing in the base plate of the new cover and snapping together the outer plate. [~2min per switch/outlet]

Tighten down toilets so they don’t rock

toilet bowl

This is a common issue in homes, when you sit down on the toilet bowl, it has a little wiggle. This happens over time as wax seals wear down, flooring settles, and many sits/stands loosen the bolts at the base of the toilet. The fix can be as simple as tightening down the nuts at the base of the toilet with an adjustable wrench to reduce the wobble but can get more involved to include adding shims under the porcelain to level it out, replacing the wax seal if there’s a lot of wobble to ensure you have a good seal and sewer gasses don’t leak out, and caulking around the front of the toilet for a clean look (you always want to leave a gap in the caulk around back so you can tell if there’s a leak). [~3-15min per toilet]

Fix blemishes in wood furniture and flooring

scratched wood door being repaired with stain pen

Fix any blemishes/scratches on wood furniture with a wood filler or putty (such as plastic wood or other brands), a colored wood wax, or even a stain pen for shallow scratches. Just sand or buff and add another layer until you work the scratch up to the surface of the wood and use a wax or stain pen to match the color. No more unsightly scratches! This also works for deeper gouges in wood flooring! [~10-30min per scratch/blemish]

Replace light bulbs and fixtures around the exterior of the house

outdoor light fixture

This can add a clean look and refresh existing fixtures with bulbs that are no longer performing. Look for weather resistant LED bulbs, these are great to put on a dimmer if they’re too bright for your outdoor aesthetic. Be sure to caulk around new and old fixtures to ensure weather doesn’t penetrate between the fixture and the wall. [~2-30min per bulb/fixture]

Replace indoor light bulbs

warm indoor lamp lighting fixtures

Replace indoor lightbulbs to create a consistent and warm feel throughout the house. Dimmable LED bulbs in the “warm” spectrum (such as “soft white” in the 2700k-3000k spectrum) make indoor spaces feel warm and cozy, especially when it’s cold out. Putting fixtures and lamps on dimmers help you control the lighting and create warmer atmospheres. [~1min per bulb and 15min per dimmer]

Need help getting your home ready for the holidays or do you have any other DIY questions? Get in touch with us here!

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