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Home inspection repair estimates by real tradespeople. Streamline your Request for Repairs with estimates for defect repairs from your home inspection report.

Now available in Los Angeles and other limited markets (contact us for details).

Streamline your
Request for Repairs

Navigating the Request for Repairs process can be a daunting task for both real estate agents and home buyers. ProHow simplifies the process so you can make informed decisions and negotiate better deals for your Los Angeles home.

Expertise you can trust

You can have confidence in the repair quotes you receive. Our team of experienced Los Angeles general contractors thoroughly reviews your home inspection report to provide practical estimates for the repairs called out by the home inspector. 

Quick turnaround

Time is of the essence when it comes to home buying, we offer a same day rush turnaround time for your home inspection repair estimate or a standard response within 24-36 hours, depending on when your report is submitted.

Human-Written estimates

ProHow’s Pros are active contractors; they know current market prices for labor, materials, and lead times. We don’t use aggregated data that might be outdated, we provide estimates from those who do the work.

Customized support for your needs

We offer various options to cater to your specific needs. Whether you prefer a written repair quote delivered via email or a more personalized approach with a video call and verbal estimate, we have you covered. Our flexible services allow you to choose the level of support that best fits the home buyer’s preference.

Multiple Report Review

Review your home/sewer/pest/roof/etc. reports

Customized to your needs

Inspection Repair Estimate

Repair estimate for defects in your home inspection report

Written summary of estimates for repairs

Estimate add-ons

* Estimates start at $59. Reports that are complex, have an excess of defects, require additional detail, or cover luxury properties may incur an additional charge. Contact us for details.

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Home inspection review FAQ:

Of course! Our Home Inspection Report Review will walk you through your report to help explain, prioritize, and (verbal) estimate repair costs for findings. This option is perfect for those who prefer a more personal touch and want to discuss their report directly with a professional.

To receive a home inspection repair estimate, simply upload your home inspection report using our booking form. ProHow’s Pros in Los Angeles (or other markets) will review the report and provide you with a repair estimate summary within 24-36 hours.

If you require a faster response, we offer a rush fee option. This ensures you receive your repair quote within 12-24 hours, depending on when your report is submitted. Contact us to ensure availability.

Yes, you can schedule a 30-minute video call with the tradesperson for an additional fee. They will walk you through the repair estimates, answer any questions, and provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions during the home buying process.

We pride ourselves on providing accurate and reliable repair quotes from trusted Los Angeles general contractors. ProHow’s Pros work as general contractors so they know current market pricing and availability. We don’t auto-generate estimates based on historical averages, our estimates are as close as you can get to a contractor coming on-site. Our quotes are designed to help you negotiate better deals and streamline the Request for Repairs process, making us a top choice among real estate agents and home buyers.

Your real estate agent will advise you on potential options based on the findings in your report and your comfort level. Some options are: do nothing (take the property as-is), ask the seller to repair certain items prior to closing, ask for a discount on the sale price, ask the seller for credit towards closing costs, or you may be able to cancel the transaction (in certain circumstances) if you have an inspection contingency.

Of course, ProHow has trade professionals representing most trades available. A ProHow Pro can explain a specific area of concern and help plan a path forward to resolve the issue, whether you need help estimating repair costs or advice on how to do it yourself.

A “DIY” consultation is great if you have questions about a specific topic, you can browse through our providers here. Contact us if you need help deciding what’s right for you.

Of course! We appreciate you helping make the transaction as stress-free as possible for your clients. Fill out the booking form with the primary contact’s information (who we’ll schedule the consultation time with) and your client’s email address(es) in the appropriate box.

Have questions? Contact us.

It’s very important to hire a certified home inspector. Home inspectors will generally follow the guidelines of their certifying organization (ASHI, InterNACHI, CREIA, etc.). These guidelines specify the minimum to be performed during a home inspection under normal and safe conditions. Some inspectors may go above and beyond when performing their inspection but it’s important to understand what the inspector defines as “in-scope” for the inspection prior to booking your inspection. 

Generally, the inspector will provide a list of “systems” they will inspect and the degree to which they’ll be inspected. This information should be confirmed prior to booking your inspection and is called out in your home inspection report. Be sure to look for and understand this scope prior to your inspection as it will inform you of which follow-on inspections may be required that were not in-scope for your general home inspection.

If you observe defects that were not documented by your home inspector, reach out to the inspector to see if they overlooked including it in your report. Home inspectors take a lot of pictures and videos, so they might have the condition in their archive. Be mindful that the inspection reflects the conditions at the point in time of the home inspection, the homeowner or contractors that came through the house after the inspection may have caused damage that wouldn’t have been observed by the home inspector.

We’re here to help! Did you receive a Request for Repairs along with the home inspection report from your buyer? If yes, please submit both documents when booking an appointment. If you did not receive a copy of the inspection report, please have your agent reach out to the buyer’s agent to request a copy of the home inspection report.

No, we only provide advice. To ensure we’re looking out for the best interests of the homebuyer/homeowner, we do not perform inspections, recommend inspectors, nor perform any repairs. 

Think of our Pros as advisors, they want to make sure you wholistically understand the condition of your home so you can anticipate current and future maintenance and repairs. They will never upsell you on repairs you don’t need since there’s no incentive to do so.

We recommend getting references from your network when looking for a home inspector; find someone you can trust to capture the current state of the home fully and accurately. Yes, you may be in a time crunch to find an inspector, schedule them, and request repair credit before the expiration of your inspection contingency, but finding the right inspector is extremely important. 

Generally, no. A home inspector will only document observations and defects from the day of the inspection.

To remain impartial, home inspectors should not refer contractors to repair defects. Some experienced home inspectors, especially those who worked in the trades prior to becoming an inspector, may advise homeowners on the category of trade that deals with such defects or even ballpark costs (though this is less common).

It’s important to note that these estimates are not the primary role of a home inspector and may not always be provided. Their main job is to give an unbiased report on the state of the property, identifying potential issues without delving into repair logistics or costs.

If you’re looking for guidance post-inspection, our network of vetted contractors can help walk you through your report to answer any questions, prioritize areas of concern, and give you an idea of repair costs based on your home inspection report. Sometimes you need personal guidance for peace of mind, buying a house is a stressful transaction and we’re here to help you through it. Schedule a Home Inspection Report Review video consultation with a trade Pro here.