Case Study: Scoping a Deck Addition

Tim needs answers to his technical questions when scoping a second story deck addition

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a CAD drawing of a second story deck addition to a house with a view of the backyard and pool

Tim is a first-time homeowner in Los Angeles who dreamed of building a deck addition off his second-story bedroom. Tim conducted a significant amount of research on his project and hit a wall when he couldn’t find answers to his questions. Tim knew he needed advice from a general contractor to validate his assumptions and guide him through the process, from permits to costs. That’s when he discovered ProHow, a home improvement platform that connects homeowners with tradespeople for a 30-minute video consultation, perfect for those in the early stages of scoping out a home improvement project or remodel.

Tim's Challenge: Getting answers specific to his project

Tim had researched extensively and knew he needed help with the following:

  1. Permits
  2. Studies (soil study, slope analysis)
  3. Types of contractors involved
  4. Approximate cost for each phase of the project

However, the general contractors he spoke with either charged high consulting fees or required him to start a retainer agreement. Tim wanted a second opinion from a general contractor without committing to a contract or incurring significant expenses.

ProHow's Solution: A Second Opinion from a Pro

Tim reached out to ProHow, explaining his situation and frustration with not being able to get specific advice from a knowledgeable general contractor at a reasonable cost. ProHow matched Tim with a general contractor on the platform and arranged a meeting at a mutually convenient time.
During the 30-minute consultation, Tim received expert advice on his remodel project, covering permits, studies, types of contractors involved, and approximate costs. The general contractor offered unbiased, professional advice, without trying to sell Tim on their services. Tim found this second opinion extremely valuable, giving him the enthusiasm and confidence to proceed with his home improvement project.

Impact: Enthusiasm and confidence to tackle the project

Tim felt a significant sense of relief and validation during the conversation with the Pro at ProHow. He said, “This gives me the enthusiasm to tackle the project” and “I didn’t have any other way to get that information, that easily, from any available person.” Tim valued the conversation at a multiple of what he paid, as it provided him with the guidance he needed to move forward with his renovation.

ProHow delivers unbiased advice to homeowners

If you’re a homeowner, like Tim, looking to tackle a remodel, addition, or home improvement project, ProHow can connect you with a general contractor for a second opinion. Our 30-minute consultations offer expert advice on renovations, construction, and more, giving you the confidence to proceed with your project.

Ready to get a second opinion from a general contractor for your home improvement project? Book a 30-minute consultation with a Pro at ProHow today and move forward with confidence!

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