Sam M.

Expertise: Electrical (troubleshooting, three-phase motors, 120/240V, planning and running conduit/raceways, load calculations).
Also great at: Carpentry.


I’m really just a guy that likes to tinker. I have a passion for learning how things work. I’ve been through a lot of trial and error when tinkering with amplifiers, lighting systems, motors, timers, building stages, etc. and I never get bored of figuring out how these devices tick.

I’m an electrician by trade. I am licensed in the state of Maryland as a journeyman. I have a solid grasp on the NEC (National Electrical Code) and certain local electrical codes. I have worked on a multitude of large scale construction projects and have developed a strong sense of safety and workmanship along the way. Some of my stronger trade-related skills are (in no particular order) troubleshooting electrical issues (three phase motors, low voltage, 120/240V), planning out and running conduit/raceways, load calculations, etc..

Before I became an electrician, I was a carpenter for a number of years building large crates to house generators that General Electric would ship overseas. The crates had to meet specific building standards in order to be shipped over vast distances. I also offer carpentry solutions when I’m playing with my band. I also have a hefty passion for music, and a lot of skills that I’ve developed in the electrical world have helped me immensely in learning how to set up live and in studio.  I am a musician and have been my whole life. I have fairly intimate knowledge with sound amplification technology and audio recording software (DAWs) such as Logic Pro X and Reaper.

In conclusion, I feel a sense of satisfaction in helping people figure out solutions a bit quicker than I had to through trial and error. Seeing the light click on when I had to train a new apprentice or help walk a customer through my troubleshooting process was always fun for me, and I hope I can continue to do so in the future!


My Work: