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Michael G.

Expertise: Foundation work (waterproofing, repair/restoration, mold prevention), concrete, teaching.
Also great at: Health/safety, plumbing, electrical, windows/doors, drywall, flooring, siding, carpentry.


Hi, I’m Michael G.. I started in residential work in 2012 with a very reputable company in the foundation repair and restoration field. By the time I decided to move on to bigger industrial work in 2019, I had taken lead in almost 1,500 projects for the company with very high reviews and happy customers.

What I loved most about my job is that instead of just fixing the concrete holding homes; I also got to work on all of the things affected in the home by the failing foundations and wood networks. This meant I was always doing something different and keeping things interesting. Everything from rerouting sewer lines, water lines, and electrical lines to patching drywall cracks, leveling floors, and removing or reinstalling siding to repair load bearing areas of the wood network under a home. There were even many occasions where I’d use heavy equipment to dig up homes to pick them up off the foundation completely.

Getting to do all of these things in my career have led me to become extremely well rounded in all things residential. Rest assured if you have something you want or need to do to your home, I’ve done it and would be extremely happy to guide and offer up my experiences to aid you.