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James R.

Expertise: HVAC (residential, split systems, package units, mini-split, hydronic heating, pump systems, chillers, chilled water systems).
Also great at: Appliance repair (kitchen), water treatment, plumbing, septic tank, well water control systems, building automation and control systems.


Hi, I’m James and I’ve spent the last 15 years working in the HVAC field. I have been the guy that they call to repair a mission critical HVAC system at midnight.

I started in normal residential HVAC on split systems, package units, and a lot of mini-splits. I worked on Friedrich, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Carrier, Bryant, Trane, Lennox, Daikin and even Samsung Air conditioning systems.

I then furthered my skillset by moving into more advanced HVAC systems such as Hydronic Heating and pump systems, chillers, and chilled water systems. Everything from McQuay, Liebert, Data Aire systems, Daikin-Aisin systems, and an assortment of all VRF refrigerant systems. I have really mastered control skills, such as programming thermostats, configuring networks, and working with building automation systems and control systems. I delved into a lot of Direct Digital Controls and even mastered the older pneumatic type systems.

I also work on kitchen appliances as a secondary skill, but still treat it as a primary focus with the customer; anything from ovens to dishwashers. I have a lot of experience with water treatment as well plumbing. I also have experience working with septic tanks and well water system controls.

I use my assortment of skills to provide the customer with a great diagnosis in repair and advice. I don’t condescend my customers with technicalities to flaunt my expertise, I have learned that it is best to just listen to the customers. They can surely document a lot of back story on the unit, which will help me in diagnosing and repairing, I take pride in my conversations with the customers and present a professional and patient demeanor.