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Dan P.

Expertise: Home inspection.

Also great: Carpentry, plumbing, electrical, windows, doors, drywall, paint, tile, flooring, hardware, insulation, roofing, siding, decks, renovation, and maintenance.

Greetings! My name is Dan and I appreciate you checking out ProHow and my profile. You are most likely here because you recently received a home inspection report and you are uncomfortable reading it yourself or maybe you are getting conflicting explanations about what’s in it. Or, perhaps you simply want to walk through the house virtually to address specific concerns. I am here to share my extensive experience in residential construction be it with a new construction or a one hundred year old home.

I started in construction at a very young age working with my father who was buying severely distressed homes, repairing them with his own money, then usually renting them out. I gained years of invaluable experience addressing failed foundations, floods, fire damage, mold, insect damage, and long term leak damage. Every home brought unique challenges that required creative thinking and adaptation.

I spent many years working with a large developer converting apartments into condominiums during the early 80’s. The poor condition of the neglected apartment buildings presented many unique challenges. I then went on to a long career with national home builders. I can assure you that just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s done correctly. Don’t skip inspecting a newly constructed home. My last employer was one of the national residential rehab contractors / landlords. Some of these huge investment companies are only repairing what is absolutely necessary and are selling off their worst properties so you really need to be especially careful when buying from them.

Construction has been a passion for me. I’ve testified as an expert witness in several substantial construction defect cases and I served as a Facility Maintenance / Construction instructor for the federal Job Corp training program. As a retirement gig I became a licensed home inspector in Florida but I have since retired my license.

Every buyer needs an unbiased third opinion about their home inspection report. Some things that sound scary are not and some things that sound minor may be worth asking more questions about. Every report is as unique as the person who wrote it so there’s no online video with all the answers.

I encourage your expert, realtor, the seller, or even a small group to join the call. Transparency solves many issues very quickly.