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General Contractor

Pauraic H.

Expertise: Gound-up construction, home remodeling, home flipping.
Also great: Carpentry (framing, finish), estimating, problem solving, communication.

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Matt M.

Expertise: Landscape sprinklers, hardscape, trees/plants.
Also great at: Landscape lighting, pipe fitting, fire pits, equipment care. 

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Printes C.

Expertise: Electrical.
Also great at: HVAC, plumbing, painting, drywall, ceiling fans, blinds, leaks, TV mounting.

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Appliance Repair

Jared R.

Expertise: Appliance repair.
Also great at: Electrical, plumbing, installation of appliances, vacuum repair.

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Unbiased “how to” help from a vetted tradesperson to complete projects with confidence and speed.

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Answers you can’t find on the web, solutions and advice to your most technical questions and help planning projects.


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“I couldn’t find this type of advice anywhere else.”
Tim A.
“Youtube is like searching through WebMD, ProHow is connecting with a doctor so you can get on with your life.”
Clarisse Q.
“I don’t have to find and schedule jobs, run around to the hardware store, or get gas. It’s not just a side job, it’s a side job that works with me.”
Joe S.

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