Hello and welcome to ProHow. You're a little early. We weren't actually putting this site into circulation until next January. Glad you came by anyway.

Why do we have the site up if we aren't actually going to use it until next January? Well, since we weren't doing anything with it in the meanwhile, we decided to use ProHow as a test site -- much like Bikini Atoll.

Before you pick up the cell to call Green Peace, not to worry. Most of our experiments are in the field of server-side scripting and Flash publishing. While programming and radiation may both cause hair to come away in lumps, it is for different reasons.

Besides programmers, for the most part, have a short half-life -- returning to safe emission levels after a few hours away from ground zero.

If some of whatever verbiage you happen to notice amongst the shell casings and bombed out craters is of interest to you, then use our contact form to send us a holler. This includes interest in availing yourself of our services, or perhaps interest in becoming available as part of the team.

For the purposes of testing, this page required about five paragraphs. So, I guess this is just about it for the homepage.