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Jared R.

Expertise: Appliance repair (sales customer service, technical services/troubleshooting, training of major household appliances).
Also great at: Public safety, electrical, plumbing, installation of appliances, vacuum repair.


I’m Jared and I’m here to help with all your home appliance needs both basic and technical.

Having been in the appliance world for over 28 years I have expertise in all aspects of this industry. I started in a small rural town where every resident was important and was taught it was imperative to treat everyone the same with a “yes” attitude.

Now, years later, I have run a major appliance sales company, run my own company for over ten years, and worked as a senior technician at a major appliance dealer helping all who call. I have worked with all major and smaller household brands.

I found that there are many customers who simply don’t understand the capabilities of, or just need a little help with, their appliances even after years of ownership. I’ve come to enjoy a quick phone call or video chat to get them going and comfortable with their unit.